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The Ultimate Guide To Kids Kick Scooters

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The kick scooter is a timeless childhood toy. A kick scooter lets kids zip around town, have fun, and work on their balance at the same time. The best kids kick scooters are great exercise tools that will help them grow up healthy and strong.

Whats even better is that a kick scooter can be used for many different purposes: getting to school or running an errand with mom; going out with friends in the neighborhood; playing games like tag or racing against siblings in the backyard; doing tricks and stunts on skate ramps or rails set up by Dad. In short, a kick scooter makes life more interesting!

So, they sound like a great toy to own but what should you look for while buying one? How do you maintain it so that it stays safe and lasts a long time and what’s the best make available today? Well, these and many other questions will be answered in our ultimate guide to kids kick scooters. Lets get started.

What are the benefits of kids kick scooters?

Kick scooters provide a wealth of benefits. For young kids, owning a kick scooter will keep them out of trouble, it will keep them busy, get them involved in healthy activities which help to burn off excess energy. In fact, the benefits of owning a kick scooter are almost endless. As we all know, physical activity is an important part of growing up well and kick scooters help kids hit their recommended daily exercise goals. Kick scooters also help with physical coordination, spatial awareness, motor skills, and social skills.

How to teach your child to use a kick scooter

Luckily, they are very easy to use. But, like everything there are a few simple tricks to help you get started and get the most out of your kick scooter. Lets take a look.

There are several kick scooter techniques for kids kick scooters:

  • kick with the right leg and push with the left
  • kick with the left leg and push with the right (useful in crowded places)
  • kick with both legs and kick fast (for handstand kick scooter moves)

How do kick scooters work?

Kick scooters are simple devices. They use a small wheel on the front of the kick board to move around town; kids kick and glide along. The best kick scooters for kids come equipped with foot brakes that kids can kick to slow down or stop. These kick scooters are great for kids riding in traffic, because they allow kids to stop on a dime if necessary.

Kick Scooters come from many different manufacturers; some of the most popular kick scooter companies include Razor, Micro and Kettler.

Whats The best age for children to start using a kick scooter?

The kick scooter is a great toy for kids, giving them the opportunity to have fun and get some exercise. They are also convenient, saving parents trips to the store for other forms of transportation. Kick scooters can be used in many different settings, making them versatile and enjoyable.

three multicultural adorable little children riding on kick scooters at playground

However, when teaching a child how to use a kick scooter, it is best to first teach some basic safety skills like stopping and turning before moving on to how the kick scooter should be ridden. When picking out a kick scooter for kids you need one that is appropriately sized, sturdy enough to support their body weight, and easy for kids to operate. The age range appropriate for kick scooters varies from four years old through middle school and there are models to suit all of these age groups so remember to shop for the right one.

Which type of kick scooter is best for your child?

There are a lot of kick scooters to choose from, so it can be hard to tell which one would be the best kick scooter for kids. Kick scooter designs vary quite a bit and you may prefer certain features and because they have been around for a long time the designs have changed and, generally, they have come a long way but, I guess, the fundamentals remain the same. Remember that kick scooter design definitely influences use, so it is important to consider the features you want before you buy!

Before you go out and buy a kick scooter for your kids, there are some things to keep in mind. Think about where your child will be using the kick scooter, what he or she likes to do, and who will be using the kick scooter. Knowing which features are available can help you narrow down which kick scooter is right for your child – so here is a list of features to consider:

1. It should have pneumatic wheels that are air-filled for great, smooth gliding action

2. It should have a kickstand to prevent it from tipping over when not in use

3. A kick ramp or kickboard is useful so kids can take a break and get back on the kick scooter again – kick ramps also allow tricks like kick flips and add an element of fun to kick scooter play

4. There should be a kick tail extension on the back of kick scooters so kids can steer easily when they kick backwards

5. The handlebars should adjust so kids can ride with comfy, ergonomic grips that fit their hands just right

6. A good kick scooter should have a wide deck that kids can stand on easily for added balance

7. Wheels should be made of a hard plastic that won’t overload with dirt and grime; wheels also need to have grip pads so they will stick to the ground when kick scooting

8. Some kick scooters have brakes and some don’t, but having front and rear handbrakes are always a nice feature

9. If your kick scooter has a kick stands or kick ramp then make sure the stand is adjustable so that you can position them to where your kids will use them

10. Kick scooters should also come with kick straps and pouches so your kids have everything they need to kick scoot right away!

Are kick scooters dangerous?

No kick scooters are 100% safe, but there are a few features that manufacturers use to reduce any risk. These features will help your scooter to be safer and more stable:

1. Kick straps

2. A kickboard or kick ramp

3. Handbrakes on the rear wheels

4. Wide kick scooter decks that kids can kick stand on as they kick scoot, and kick tail extensions to kick steer from the back of the kick deck

5. Griptape on kick scooters for extra stickiness!

Some More kids kick scooter safety tips

1. Always wear a helmet when using a kick scooters (and kick scooter safety gear such as elbow pads and knee pads!). That also goes for adults!

2. Always kick scoot on smooth, flat surfaces like streets or sidewalks with no cracks or other rough areas that could cause slips and falls

3. It is a good habit to kick stand right before any sudden stops, abutts, jumps or tricks so that your kick scooter won’t overbalance and tip over.

Tips on maintaining your kid’s kick scooter so it lasts longer

Like every other mechanical device you will get more fun and a longer lifetime out of your kick scooter if you maintain it. Here are some maintenace steps that should be carried out regularly to keep your scooter in tip top condition.

1. Clean your kick scooter after each use and before storage to protect it from the elements and to prevent rust. Kick scooters should be cleaned with a mild soap or detergent and the decks, kick bars, wheels, and stands should be brushed clean or wiped off after each use

2. Keep your kids kick scooters stored out of direct sunlight – kick scooters should be kept in a dry area and not placed outside where they could get wet or exposed to strong UV rays as these can make the plastic brittle.

3. Make sure parts stay lubricated; kick scooters need the right kind of oil for proper performance; this is especially true for kick stands and kick wheels

4. Look for kick scooter parts that are sturdy and can take a beating!

5. Check regularly for cracks, dents, or damage to kick scooter bars and kick ramps – kick scooters should be checked before each use and during storage so kids don’t use damaged scooters. If you find kick scooter damage, take your machine to a suitable repair centre or buy replacement parts and fit them yourself (new kick kick scooter wheels are a good replacement part that are easy to fit, for example)

6. Wipes kick wheels with a dry cloth after use and once in awhile; this can help kick scooters stay shiny longer

7. Replace wheels when they don’t spin as freely or grip the ground as well – this is a quick repair and can keep kids from getting hurt

10. Replace kick bar grips when scooter handles are too small or uncomfortable

11. Have your kid’s scooter checked by a mechanic regularly; have kick wheels and kick stands inspected for damage this is a good kick scooter maintenance tip and can prevent kids from getting hurt.

12. If it has stickers and those stickers are scratched or peeling, replace them with new ones; if the scooter decks are worn down, replace them with new ones

13. Check your scooters deck regularly for cracks, dents, or damage especially to the bars and ramps. Again, replace parts that are bent out of shape so kids don’t get hurt

14. Replace kick bars if they are too small or uncomfortable for your kids

15. If the scooter kick stands don’t grip securely, have them replaced with ones that work better- but be careful not to let your kids sit or scoot while the kick stand is extended; this could cause injuries and should never be done

16. Replace worn wheel bearings if they are making kicking the scooter feel rough or hard to do

17. Always buy your kick scooter from a reputable brand. You want a scooter that will last, not some cheap knock off or copy.

Kick Scooters For Toddlers

Can you get a good kick scooter for a toddler or are they only for older kids?

Smiling cute toddler girl three years riding a scooter over white background

Well, it really depends a lot on the size and the wheels – toddlers need a different kind of kick scooter from older kids; so what is best for toddlers? What will last the longest and not be too hard to ride?

For little kids, a good kick scooter with comfortable handle grips will make them happy – it should also be easy for the kickstands and wheels to turn and stop.  The best kick scooters for toddlers will be relatively easy to kick, but not so light that kids can’t steer them. Similarly, you don’t want a scooter that is too heavy or too hard for toddlers to push.

We recommend that you choose kick scooters with comfortable, secure kick bar grips that make it easy for kids to grip – this is important because toddlers will often be holding on hard when riding .  When buying a scooter with a kick stand or specialist wheels, make sure they are durable and will last for years; you don’t want to have to buy multiple sets over time because the originals broke easily.

What is the best kick scooter to buy?

The best kick scooter should have the following; a good sturdy frame, reliable wheels and a smooth running kick bar – these are the key parts of any kick scooter and the ones you should focus on when looking to buy one; in our opinion, kick bar performance is especially important.

The scooter frame should be sturdy and well made so kids can learn to scoot without fearing an injury or falling off the kick bar. The bar should have no rough spots and should fit nicely into your kids hands; kickstands should also be smooth and free of rough spots.

The best scooter wheels are made from vinyl or urethane so they grip the ground well and spin smoothly – scooter replacement parts for wheel bearings, frame bearings and kick stands can be found at most good toy stores or online but always check their avalability because you will probably have to replace them at some point.

The best kids kick scooters should be a good quality and well made – look for kick kick scooters from reputable sources if you buy them online.

Here are some great kids kick scooters that we would recommend.

Best Value For Money

Best Branded Kids Scooter

Funkiest Kids Kick Scooter

Final Thoughts

If you want to find kick scooters for kids, the best place to look is online. You can often find a wider selection of kick scooter types and brands that are only available in specialty stores or on their websites.  Also, it’s much easier to compare prices between kick scooter models when shopping online than it would be if you were buying from a brick-and-mortar store. If you’re not sure which kick kick scooter type will suit your child the best, we recommend checking out some of the models above which are all available from Amazon.

Happy scooting!

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