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3 Best Electric Trikes for Kids: Ultimate Fun and Safety Guide

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Tackling the terrain on three wheels is a super-fun way to get your toddlers outside, but as you’re searching for the perfect electric trike for your child, safety will surely be uppermost in your mind. After all, you want to ensure they’re not just having the time of their lives but also staying secure in the saddle.

That’s why, when buying an electric trike for kids, it’s crucial to consider features like parental controls, stable construction, and appropriate speed settings that match your child’s age and skill level. As an expert in child mobility devices, I’ll guide you through the top three electric trikes that strike an ideal balance between exhilarating entertainment and essential safety.

Before you make your next purchase, I will help you understand the pivotal points that can turn a simple toy into a reliable ride for your little one and discover what sets these models apart from the rest.

But, before we dig into those details, let’s take a look at what I think are the top 3 electric trikes for kids on the market today

Droyd Romper Electric Tricycle for Kids with Parental Control & LED Lights

kid friendly electric tricycle with parental control and led lights

For families prioritizing safety and control in their children’s ride-on adventures, the Droyd Romper Electric Tricycle stands out as the go-to choice with its built-in parental control and eye-catching LED lights. You’ll find comfort in the adjustable seat that caters to your child’s growth and the assurance of a brushed DC motor powered by a durable 24V Lithium-ion battery.

Suitable for kids ages 3 and up with a weight capacity of 66 lbs, this tricycle offers a safe speed range between 3 to 6 mph, thanks to the parental speed controls. The slow-start mechanism is a thoughtful addition, minimizing the risk of jolts and jerks.

With over 20 years dedicated to creating safe, reliable ride-ons, Droyd ensures this model is a breeze to assemble, making it a straightforward choice for fun, controlled outdoor play.

Best For: Families seeking a safe and engaging motorized tricycle experience for their young children with the added benefit of parental control.


  • Parental speed control feature allows for a safer ride tailored to a child’s ability.
  • Multi-color LED lights and an adjustable seat enhance the fun and comfort for the child.
  • The 24V Lithium-ion battery provides a reliable power source for extended playtime.


  • Some customers have reported receiving faulty parts upon delivery.

Tobbi 12V Kids Electric Trike Motorcycle with Lights (3 Wheels)

kids electric trike motorcycle

Considering the perfect blend of safety and excitement for your young adventurer, the Tobbi 12V Kids Electric Trike Motorcycle with its three-wheel design and soft-starting technology emerges as a top choice. Its sturdy structure and balanced form factor ensure that your child enjoys a stable ride every time. With a long-lasting 12V battery offering 50-60 minutes of joy per charge, the fun doesn’t run short.

Your child’s visibility is enhanced with the bright LED headlight, and the integrated control system includes horns for an authentic riding experience. You’ll appreciate the easy assembly, with a clear manual that gets you up and running in about 30 minutes. Designed for kids aged 37 to 60 months, this trike features a push-start button and high-low speed options, allowing you to tailor the ride to your child’s comfort and skill level. Remember to always supervise your child and ensure they’re equipped with appropriate safety gear.

Best For: Families seeking a secure and enjoyable ride-on toy for their toddlers that combines safety with a touch of realism.


  • Equipped with safety features like the 3-wheel design and soft-starting technology, ensuring a stable ride for kids.
  • 12V long-lasting battery providing substantial playtime of 50-60 minutes on a single charge.
  • Easy to assemble with a straightforward manual, allowing for quick setup within 30 minutes.


  • Design may have flaws, as some customers reported damage from rain and issues with the on/off switch durability.

Lil Rider Kids 3-Wheel Electric Motorcycle with Police Decals

electric motorcycle for kids

If you’re seeking a safe and engaging outdoor toy for your child aged 3 to 6, the Lil Rider Kids 3-Wheel Electric Motorcycle with Police Decals offers a realistic driving experience with added features like working headlights and engine sound effects.

As you assemble this police-themed trike, ensure all parts are securely fastened to provide a sturdy ride for your little one. Charge the 6-volt battery according to the manual to ensure optimal performance.

When it’s time to ride, teach your child to press the pedal gently; the trike is designed to move at a safe maximum speed of 2mph, both forward and reverse. Always supervise playtime, and remember that while the durable carbon steel and phthalate-free plastic can support up to 55lbs, it’s crucial to adhere to these limits for your child’s safety.

Best For: Kids aged 3 to 6 who love imaginative play and are fascinated with police vehicles and motorcycles.


  • Realistic design with police decals, working headlights, and sound effects enhances imaginative play.
  • Easy to operate with simple pedal push mechanism, suitable for young children.
  • Constructed with durable carbon steel and safe, phthalate-free plastic, ensuring a sturdy and secure ride.


  • Some customers reported an inaccurate product description.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Electric Trikes for Kids

choosing electric trikes for kids

When selecting an electric trike for your child, it’s crucial to ensure it matches their age and size for optimal comfort and control.

Look for robust safety features, such as stable construction and reliable brakes, and check the battery life and speed settings to match your child’s riding skills.

Additionally, consider how easy the trike is to assemble, so you can get your kid rolling without unnecessary hassle.

Age Suitability

To ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience, it’s essential to choose an electric trike that’s age-appropriate for your child, typically one designed for kids 3 years and older.

When selecting an electric trike, consider that they’re generally suitable for kids aged 37 to 60 months (3 – 5 years). It’s crucial to adhere to the age range for usage, which is from 3 to 6 years, as recommended by manufacturers.

These age guidelines are determined based on the trike’s size, speed, and control, which are tailored for young riders within this developmental stage.

Adhering to these recommendations ensures that the trike is neither too complex nor too simple for your child, promoting safety and delivering the right level of enjoyment.

Safety Features

After selecting an age-appropriate electric trike, it’s crucial to examine its safety features, such as parental speed controls and slow-start mechanisms, to ensure your child’s protection during their rides. These controls let you set a safe pace for your little one, while slow-start mechanisms prevent sudden acceleration, reducing the risk of falls.

Make sure the seat is comfortable and adjustable, supporting your child’s posture and allowing for growth. Stability is key, so opt for designs that enhance balance, especially for younger riders.

Don’t overlook additional safety elements like soft-starting technology or integrated control systems, which can further safeguard your child’s experience.

Battery Life

Consider the battery life of an electric trike carefully, as it determines how long your child can enjoy their ride before needing a recharge. Battery life varies by model, some offering a playtime of around 50-60 minutes per charge. This is crucial, especially for longer play sessions. Always check the battery specifications to make sure it aligns with your child’s needs.

Take note of the charging time and battery capacity. These factors affect convenience and the overall practical experience. A longer battery life means less downtime and more play. Understanding how long the trike lasts on a single charge will help you plan and manage your child’s playtime, ensuring they’re never abruptly cut short of fun due to a dead battery.

Speed Settings

When selecting an electric trike for your child, pay close attention to the speed settings as they play a pivotal role in ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Look for trikes with adjustable maximum speeds to match your child’s developing skills and your comfort level.

Parental speed controls are essential; they allow you to limit the tricycle’s speed, adapting as your child grows more proficient. Opt for models with both high and low-speed settings, so you can set the pace appropriate for your child’s age and experience.

Additionally, a slow-start mechanism is crucial for safety—it ensures the trike accelerates gradually, building your child’s confidence and reducing the chance of abrupt, risky movements.

Always choose a trike with multiple speed options that you can tailor to specific environments and skill levels.

Assembly Ease

Ease of assembly is a crucial factor to consider, as it ensures your child can swiftly enjoy their new electric trike with minimal setup hassle. You’ll find that the best electric trikes come with specific manuals and user-friendly instructions, making the assembly process a breeze.

Typically, you can expect to have the trike ready for action in about 30 minutes, as noted in product descriptions.

Weight Capacity

After ensuring your electric trike is assembled with ease, it’s essential to check that its weight capacity is appropriate for your child’s safety and the trike’s longevity. Electric trikes are designed with varying weight capacities, and it’s crucial to select one that aligns with your child’s weight. A capacity of 66 lbs is generally suitable for younger riders, but always confirm this against your child’s current weight to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Don’t overlook the weight capacity as it’s a key factor in preventing equipment failure and accidents. By choosing a model that can comfortably support your child, you’re not only investing in their fun but also in their well-being. Always prioritize a trike that matches your child’s needs for a secure and joyous ride.

Product Durability

To ensure your investment stands the test of time, it’s crucial to consider the durability of the electric trike’s construction materials and build quality. Opt for trikes with robust frames capable of enduring regular use and the occasional bump or tumble.

It’s not just about the frame though; you’ll want to assess the battery life and its charging system’s resilience for sustained performance.

Don’t just take the manufacturer’s word for it—dive into customer reviews to get real-world insights into the trike’s durability. Long-term reliability is often reflected in these testimonials.

And don’t forget, a reputable manufacturer with solid warranty coverage is a strong indicator of a trike built to last. Safety isn’t just a day one concern; it’s about maintaining those standards throughout your trike’s lifespan.

Repair & Warranty

When choosing an electric trike for your child, it’s essential to scrutinize the repair options and warranty coverage to safeguard against future malfunctions or defects.

Look closely at the warranty duration and terms provided by the manufacturer. You’ll want to ensure it offers ample protection, especially for potential issues that aren’t caused by wear and tear.

Make sure that repair and maintenance services are easily accessible to avoid any inconvenience if problems arise. It’s also wise to evaluate customer feedback regarding their warranty claims and repair experiences. This insight can help you gauge the support’s reliability.

Lastly, verify that the warranty comprehensively covers critical components like the battery, motor, and main electrical parts, ensuring your investment is well-protected.


You’ve seen the top electric trikes for your little ones: Droyd Romper with parental control, Tobbi’s vibrant 12V ride, and Lil Rider’s Police-themed trike. Remember, safety is paramount.

Always choose a trike with sturdy construction, appropriate speed limits, and features like LED lights for visibility. Fit it to your child’s age and motor skills to ensure fun, secure rides.

Invest in their joy and your peace of mind with the best electric trike.

Happy riding!

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